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Film Festival Welcomes International Filmmakers

By Mike Jaquays

Posted Aug 1, 2018 at 1:34 AM

HAMILTON – Paris-based Gazanfer Biricik said it was an honor to receive an invitation to show his short film “Gab” Saturday, July 28, during the 10th annual Slater Brothers Entertainment’s Hamilton International Film Festival.

Biricik traveled in from France for the week-long festivities, held at and around the Hamilton Movie Theater. He admitted he was a bit nervous about the event, however, as he would actually be seated with both film fans and fellow filmmakers during the show. Biricik was also invited to speak with several other creators after the evening’s screenings, where he described to the audience his motivations for making “Gab,” a film that addresses terrorism and was motivated by the 2015 attacks in Paris.

“I really appreciate the chance to come here,” he said. “I put my heart into this film. It’s a very important subject.”

Slater Brothers Entertainment partners Grant and Todd Slater agreed that Hamilton will always be home for them, and they are glad to be able to bring a little taste of Hollywood back to their hometown every year. Grant attended Hamilton Central School from fourth through eighth grades before leaving for prep school, and then returned to graduate from Colgate University. Todd, six years younger, attended HCS through ninth grade before leaving for prep school himself.

They gave back to their former school with a July 26 fundraiser for HCS and by showing several films by current HCS students.

Theater manager Sean Nevison said the festival is a true community event, and they try to get as many people and places around Hamilton involved as possible. The showings on the first two days were held at the Colgate Inn Rathskeller, there was a reception July 27 at the Good Nature Brewing Tap Room and a panel discussion July 28 at the Colgate Inn.

Festival coordinator Sue Lamb Myers was one of many who helped make the event a success.

“I think it’s just really fantastic to have an event that promotes the arts, music and just being creative,” she said. “It’s also wonderful to see so many filmmakers who don’t know each other talking together while they are here and sharing their own experiences with each other. So many of them have said they have come here and found they love Hamilton.”


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